Happy Fall Y’all

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A Wooded Path in Autumn (1902) by H. A. Brendekilde

Happy 4th of July

We would like to wish all our Authors and Readers a Happy 4th of July!

Happy May!

Phew! The temperature is climbing here in the South and with the warmer weather comes…conference season! Many of you are in nearby Atlanta, enjoying the fun and excitement of the RT convention. We hope you’re having a grand time.

Last month, we had a blast at Huntington Beach State Park, where we met and talked Romance with a gentle sea breeze in our hair and the peaceful sounds of the ocean nearby. I hope we do more of these road trip meetings in the future!

Our next meeting is May 20th – moved ahead to avoid scheduling conflicts over the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. Our May speaker is a very special person in our hearts, the fabulous: Savannah Frierson. Savannah will be speaking to us about Diversity in romance. A topic which is incredibly important to everyone in Romancelandia. I urge you all to attend. And if you’ve ever wanted to come check out an LRWA meeting in person, this month is a great time to do so. You can go here for more information about our May meeting:

We hope to see you in May!

Come Join Us At the Beach!

Spring is here, and it is the perfect time to put a pen in your hand, and your feet in the sand. Come join on April 22, 2017 for a day of writing fun at Huntington State Park. Admission is $5 per person, payable at the gate. Additional info about the facilities can be found at:

For more information and to order a box lunch for this event, Click Here

Our Next Meeting…

Our next meeting is this Saturday, March 25, 2017.

10:30 Board meeting (all members invited, committee reports can be sent to me)
11:00 Quick announcements followed by High Fives and Oh Mys
Opportunity to buy tickets and goals
Lunch and networking
1:00 Program

Our Guest Speaker is Stephanie Phillips of SBR Media. Stephanie will join us to speak about SBR Media, and share her insights in self-publishing.

Happy New Year – 2017

We hope you had a wonderful Winter Holiday and are ready for 2017. We at Lowcountry Romance Writers of America are ready and excited about the New Year. We have some exciting things planned for 2017, including great programs, more networking opportunities, and more contact with writers all over our state. If you’re new, we hope you’ll come to a meeting, meet our writers, and see what we have to offer. If you’re returning, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Happy Fall!

We at Lowcountry Romance Writers of America hope that our authors and readers are having a wonderful fall!

Summer is Sizzling!

We are so pleased to announce that our very own, Ann Chaney has won the Daphne du Maurier Award for Excellence in Mystery/Suspense in the Unpublished Historical Romantic Mystery/Suspense category! Way to go Ann!

Spring Has Sprung?

Hello authors!

We hope your 2016 has been a great year so far. Thank you to all of you who renewed and welcome to our group, new members.

It’s spring – or at least it’s supposed to be, though you wouldn’t know it to go by the weather – and with spring comes life and birth…so what a perfect time for us to roll out our brand new website!! We hope you love the new look. Please take a moment to look around and let Amy Quinton know if you see any problems that need to be addressed…whether it be errors, confusing links…whatever concerns you.


This month, we’d like to congratulate our member, Alison Ryan, for qualifying for PAN at RWA. Congratulations, Alison!

Our Next Meeting:

This month, we have our very own, Angela Mizell, speaking about The Art of Critique. This presentation is sure to be useful as it is clear that critiquing someone’s work is not easy. But it is a skill that can be mastered…. and what great timing, for we hope to see some critique groups forming in the coming months.

Happy Writing, Y’all!

What Can LRWA Do For You?

Our February meeting is going to be a little different from our normal monthly meeting. We have no formal speaker planned, but we have a lot to discuss, brainstorm, and plan…

We want to know – what do you want out of your local chapter? More online courses? Informal social events? More speakers?

Further, we will be discussing:

1) Our new website… Amy Quinton will provide mock-ups for new and improved screens for our website. We’re looking for your ideas for Frequently Asked Questions, our Chapter Benefits, and the site’s usability.

2) New member programs… Do you want new member programs such as a critique group, mentorship program, write-ins/sprints, or writing challenges/prompts? Do any of these topics interest you? Do you have better ideas? Let’s figure this out. Let’s make this chapter be what we need to further our careers as authors.

3) Our mission statement… We need to refresh our mission statement. RWA has changed the way we do things, our mission statement needs to reflect those changes. Once we have a new statement it has to be approved by RWA National.

4) Our online courses… What topics would you like to see as an online course? Annual membership includes one free course, but no one takes advantage of this benefit. Why? What new way can we promote our online courses? How can each member help?

5) The possibility of creating an Anthology of writing techniques or romance short stories written by our members… We need a coordinator to assign or accept entries from each member. This will be an income producing project for the chapter. What techniques would you like to see? Plotting, characterization, research, dialogue – which one can you write about? Or would you rather have an Anthology of our chapter member short stories in their own genre? Let’s discuss and create a timeline. Is it feasible to do this in a year? Two years?

We hope to see you all there! Let’s make this chapter work for you!

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