Love in the Lowcountry

A Winter Holiday Collection, Volume 1

Release Date: November 5, 2019
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Love in the Lowcountry)

The Blurb

Romance is heating up the winter holidays…

From paranormal to contemporary, from sweet to sultry, from first time love to love revived, discover both dark and deLIGHTful tales of romance amidst the intriguing backdrop of Charleston, South Carolina.

Best-selling authors join exciting new debuts in fourteen original stories of Love in the Lowcountry…

The Stories

Hoodwinked for the Holidays – Wanted: Ghost with good reviews for special holiday tour. Team Player a must. Matchmaking skills NOT required.

Mistletoe and Mayhem – In the Unholy City, everyone has a secret.

The Snow Leopard – What could be worse than being born into a family of shifters? Not being one.

The Illusion of Control – Having it together often means you don’t.

Champagne Supernova – With everything going wrong, can she make New Year’s Eve go right?

A Secret on Gillon – Bax’s fiery will and Raziel’s divine license to sin ignite trouble before fate steps in.

Hitman’s Holiday – His job is to kill her. But how can he take her life when she’s stolen his heart?

Kisses on King Street – It’s never too late to reclaim a lost love. Can rekindling a past romance yield later life love?

Poinsettias for Carly – A past unresolved is never the past.

Wisest, Swiftest, Kindest – Two grad students connect though time travel to Charleston’s literary past. Is love enough to bring them home for Thanksgiving?

A Charleston Christmas—Love Finds a Way – Is Chance and Wynona’s love strong enough to overcome a devastating loss and a deep secret?

West End Club – Membership in West End Club is pure Charleston tradition. And marriage is the only way out of the December gathering.

A Silver Holiday – There’s better, there’s worse, then there’s spending the holidays with in-laws you can’t stand.

Ghosted Home to You – She doesn’t need dating apps to get ghosted.

Participating Authors

Amy Quinton…Hoodwinked for the Holidays

Angela Mizell – Mistletoe and Mayhem

Carla Susan Smith…The Snow Leopard

Casey Porter…The Illusion of Control

Elaine Reed…Champagne Supernova

Gracey Evans…A Secret on Gillon

Jen Davis…Hitman’s Holiday

Jessie Vaughn – Kisses on King Street

Michele Sims…Poinsettias for Carly

Paula Gail Benson…Wisest, Swiftest, Kindest

Rebecca A. Owens – A Charleston Christmas—Love Finds a Way

Robin Hillyer-Miles – West End Club

Savannah J. Frierson…A Silver Holiday

Zuzana Juhasova – Ghosted Home to You

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