What Can LRWA Do For You?

Our February meeting is going to be a little different from our normal monthly meeting. We have no formal speaker planned, but we have a lot to discuss, brainstorm, and plan…

We want to know – what do you want out of your local chapter? More online courses? Informal social events? More speakers?

Further, we will be discussing:

1) Our new website… Amy Quinton will provide mock-ups for new and improved screens for our website. We’re looking for your ideas for Frequently Asked Questions, our Chapter Benefits, and the site’s usability.

2) New member programs… Do you want new member programs such as a critique group, mentorship program, write-ins/sprints, or writing challenges/prompts? Do any of these topics interest you? Do you have better ideas? Let’s figure this out. Let’s make this chapter be what we need to further our careers as authors.

3) Our mission statement… We need to refresh our mission statement. RWA has changed the way we do things, our mission statement needs to reflect those changes. Once we have a new statement it has to be approved by RWA National.

4) Our online courses… What topics would you like to see as an online course? Annual membership includes one free course, but no one takes advantage of this benefit. Why? What new way can we promote our online courses? How can each member help?

5) The possibility of creating an Anthology of writing techniques or romance short stories written by our members… We need a coordinator to assign or accept entries from each member. This will be an income producing project for the chapter. What techniques would you like to see? Plotting, characterization, research, dialogue – which one can you write about? Or would you rather have an Anthology of our chapter member short stories in their own genre? Let’s discuss and create a timeline. Is it feasible to do this in a year? Two years?

We hope to see you all there! Let’s make this chapter work for you!

Time to Renew

Hello to all LRWA members!

It’s that time of year again where we are faced with making decisions such as how many re-gifted Christmas presents is considered too many? Will the IRS believe that seeing Fifty Shades of Grey is actually research? Should we tell Great Aunt Edna her fruitcake makes a great door stop?

Well here’s a decision that isn’t anywhere near as difficult to make – renewing your LRWA membership!

Go to the LRWA website where you have the option to either renew on-line or print a hardcopy application which can be mailed (or brought to the January 23rd meeting) with your payment.

The renewal fee is $30.00 due by January 31st. An additional late charge of $5.00 will be added after February 29th (it’s a leap year!)

As always, membership in the RWA National Organization is required, so please be sure to include your RWA member number with your renewal information.

If you have any questions regarding membership either with LRWA or the RWA National Organization, please feel free to ask. If I don’t know the answer, which I probably won’t as I’m brand new at this, I will find out for you.

Looking forward to seeing everyone return, and let’s make 2016 a really great year!

Carla Smith

Interested in Running for Office?

At our August Meeting, we finalized the members of the Nominations Committee for the 2015 Board of Directors elections. Appointed by Board Member Emmanuelle Nesbitt Murray, our Nominations Committee chairman for this year is Angela Mizell. Thank you, Angela, for volunteering your time.

In addition, Hilary Brown and Ina Nesbitt have volunteered to serve on the Nominations Committee. Details will soon be sent to the group outlining which positions are open for election and the associated duties for that position. If you already know you are interested in running for a position on the board or nominating someone for a position (with their permission, of course), please contact any one of these committee members.

Thank you Ina, Hilary, and Angela for volunteering your time for the betterment of LRWA!

August Meeting Date Change

Please note that our August meeting date has changed! Our monthly meeting will now be on August 15th… same time. Please email if you are able to attend so we can have an accurate head count.

Hope to see everyone there!

Happy 4th of July

I hope all of our members had a wonderful and safe Fourth of July.

Welcome 2015!

Happy New Year to our wonderful members!  May 2015 bring you much writing and reading love!

Our first meeting of 2015 is on January 24 and our speakers are Professor Susan Millar Williams and Stephen G. Hoffius.  The topic is: History and Historical Fiction: The Importance of the Story (and Accuracy!) – let’s pack the conference room and kick off 2015 with a bang!

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