Member Benefits

Membership in LRWA offers the published or aspiring author many opportunities to improve their knowledge of craft and further their writing career, regardless of where they are on their career path.


At LRWA We Strive To:

  • Support all members, regardless of the stage of one’s writing career.
  • Provide information regarding upcoming writing conferences, writing contests, promotional opportunities, and changes in the romance industry.
  • Educate members on craft for the purpose of improving one’s writing skills.
  • Provide opportunities to network with industry professionals.
  • Provide opportunities to socialize with other authors for the purposes of encouraging both established and aspiring authors and providing feedback on manuscripts and career choices.
  • Assist members in establishing their online presence.


Additional Benefits:

Monthly Meetings
Each month our Program Director amazes us with talented and exciting speakers and workshops. Join us for lunch, networking, and learning!

Online Workshops
LRWA offers dozens of informative online craft and career workshops throughout the year — and each LRWA member gets to attend one workshop of their choice each year for FREE!

Our newsletter, Rendezvous, is available to all LRWA Members. Our editor keeps us on our toes with interesting editorials, craft articles, industry news, and the latest books and achievements from our members. Learn from the pros with on-target tricks for writing, marketing, and staying sane in a romance writing career.

Critique and Brainstorming Groups
Got a scene that just isn’t coming together? Having trouble outlining your character’s backstory. Our members are available to help each other critique their works in progress, brainstorm story ideas, and generally encourage each other to keep on writing!

Beta Reads & Feedback
Finished with your manuscript, but want another set of eyes on it before you submit it to your editor, agent, or query an industry professional? Look no further than your fellow LRWA members for beta reading your novel.

Write Ins
Having trouble making time to work on your manuscript? Join us for our monthly write-ins where we put our fingers to the keys, our butts in our seats, and push each other to reach our target word counts.

Promotional Opportunities
Our members assist each other by providing or informing each other of opportunities to promote their work and their blog. Release announcements? Cover reveals? Interviews? Our members can help you out!

December Christmas Party and Gift Exchange
Oh what fun we have as we exchange secret writing related gifts, recognize members for their writing related accomplishments, draw numbers for door prizes, and have a Christmas themed luncheon and dessert.


Imagine all you can gain by joining LRWA today, including writing fellowship with some of the most dynamic authors you could ever hope to meet.

We hope you’ll join us at our next monthly meeting and consider becoming a member today!

Please note: You must be a member of RWA National to join the Lowcountry RWA chapter.

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