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NaNoWriMo Success:
Presented by Peter Andrews
Dates: Oct 6-31, 2014

Course Description:
The biggest writing event of the year, November’s National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) can help you build good habits, clarify your commitment to writing, and rediscover the joy of storytelling. It may even catalyze the creation of a wonderful book. Learn how to get the most out of this Ironman event of writing (completing a 50,000 word novel in just 30 days!) through preparation, focus, proven techniques, and attitude. And find out how you can keep the momentum going into the months and years ahead.

Making your Characters Real – 4 weeks
Presented by Rebecca Martinez
Dates: Oct 6-31, 2014

Course Description:
Great characters are the foundation of any good story. Learn how to bring your characters to life with one of the co-authors of the popular writing book, 10 Steps to Creating Memorable Characters. Learn how to go from cardboard or wooden characters to real people with a story to tell. Lessons include:
A look at the Physical
Your characters must come alive and our first lessons begin with giving your character a name and starting to develop them physically. This is like starting with a skeleton and building from the bones on out.
Don’t ignore the Emotional
Your characters need to be unique and this lesson focuses on making them individual with human or other world emotions or quirks. Make them come alive with more than flesh by providing them with unique feelings, thoughts and weaknesses.
Remember your characters’ History
No character comes from a void. Even orphans and angels have a past. In this lesson we learn how to use that past in building your story and how to use it in your plot line to make your character more individual as well as beginning to provide motivations for your characters’ actions.
Make your character Develop and Grow
This lesson puts the various parts of your character together to show how to make them work in your story. It will also look at the Character Arc and how to make certain your characters develop over the course of your book.

I Used to Hate Writing The Synopsis …but not anymore
Presented by Susan Palmquist
Dates: Oct 6-31, 2014

Course Description:
Would you rather do anything besides sit down and write a synopsis for your story? If so, this workshop is just for you. Step by step it will show you how to put together a synopsis you can be proud of, and one that does your story justice. Included in the workshop are tips on writing blurbs, taglines and query letters.



Me & Chi: Increase your creativity and health with Tai Chi and meditation for writers

Presented by Pat Hauldren
Dates: Nov 3-14, 2014

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